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Publications written by Anne LeBaron

 “Gary Hassay: Self-Taught Overtone Singer,”
        CD liner notes, 2007
 “Shelley Hirsch”, program for Subtropics Festival in Miami,
 “The American Composer’s Place in the New Grove II,” for
        NewMusicBox, online journal, American Music Center,
        Dec. 2002
 “Report from the 8th World Harp Congress in Geneva,” 
        World Harp Congress Journal, Fall 2002
 “Profile: Nikola Lutz,” Journal of the International Alliance for
        Women in Music
, Vol. 8, Nos. 1/2, 2002
“Reflections of Surrealism in Postmodern Musics,” essay in         Postmodern Music / Postmodern Thought, edited by Judy
        Lochhead and Joseph Auner, published by Routledge,
 “ ‘Je crois entendre encore,’ by Georges Bizet: An Analysis of
        the Original Aria and the Arrangement for Grover
        Washington, Jr.,” International Jazz Archives, Vol.2
        No.2. 1999.
 “Report from the 7th World Harp Congress in Prague,” 
       World Harp
Congress Journal, Fall 1999
“Croak! The Mystery of Vanishing Frogs,” Opera for Youth
, 1996
 “Artist’s Forum,” Yaddo News, 1996
 “The ISCM World Music Days in Budapest,” Arts International,         1986
 “Darmstadt 1980,” co-authored with Denys Bouliane:
        Perspectives of New
Music 19, nos. 1-2 (Fall-Winter
        1980/Spring-Summer 1981)

Interviews, Ecyclopedia Entries, Articles, Lectures on Anne LeBaron
(does not include reviews)

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