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Pope Joan, New World Records (2007)

Pope Joan: Kristen Norderval, soprano; Dorothy Stone, flutes; Keve Wilson, oboe / E.H.; Jim Sullivan, clarinet / bs clar; Nick Terry, percussion; Lorna Eder, piano; Eric km Clark, violin; Andrew McIntosh, viola; Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick, cello; Mark Menzies, conductor
Transfiguration: Lucy Shelton, soprano; Camilla Hoitenga, flutes; June Han, harp; Bill Trigg, percussion; Rand Steiger, conductor

Sacred Theory of the Earth, CRI 865
(with The Atlanta Chamber Players; 2000)

Solar Music:  Amy Porter, flutes; Anne LeBaron, harp
Telluris Theoria Sacra:  Amy Porter, piccolo, flute, alto flute; Ted Gurch, clarinet, bass clarinet; Christopher Pulgram violin; Paul Murphy, viola; Brad Ritchie, cello; Michael Cebulski, percussion; John Lawless, percussion; Paula Peace, piano; David Rosenboom, conductor
Devil in the Belfry: Christopher Pulgram violin; Paula Peace, piano
Sachamama:  Amy Porter, flute, alto flute

The Magical Railism of Anne LeBaron,
Tellus/Mode42 (1995)

Doggone Cat Act:  Anne LeBaron, harp
The E. & O. Line (5 Selections): Juke Joint Jam Session; Eurydice Meets Hermes; Eurydices's Death / Funeral Band; Eurydice's River Journey; Orpheus Laments - 'Looked Away’: Lawrence Hamilton, Louise Cloutier, and Hugh Panero, vocalists; Frank London, trumpet; Marcus Rojas, tuba; Myra Melford, piano and keyboards; Davey Williams, guitar; Fred Hopkins, bass; Thurman Barker, drums; Anne LeBaron, conductor
Waltz for Quintet:  The New Music Consort, with Judith Pearce, flute; Mary Rowell, violin; Veronica Salas, viola; Madeleine Shapiro, cello; Christopher Oldfather, piano; Claire Heldrich, conductor
The Sea and the Honeycomb: The Theater Chamber Players of Kennedy Center, Jeannette Walters, soprano; Penelope Fischer, piccolo and flute; Edward Walters, clarinet and bass clarinet; Kwang-wu Kim, piano; John Beck and Albert Merz, percussion; Leon Fleisher, conductor
I am an American . . . My Government Will Reward You: Anne LeBaron, electric harp with live electronics and tape

Rana, Ritual and Revelations: The Music of AnneLeBaron, Mode 30 (1992)

Lamentation/Invocation: The New Music Consort, with Allen Shearer, baritone; Robert Yamins, clarinet; Madeleine Shapiro, cello; Nina Kellman, harp; Linda Bouchard, conductor
Rite of the Black Sun: The New Music Consort, with Frank Cassara, Paul Guerguerian, Michael Pugliese, and William Trigg, percussion; Claire Heldrich, conductor
Planxty Bowerbird:  Anne LeBaron, harp
Noh Reflections: The Theater Chamber Players of Kennedy Center, with Hamao Fujiwara, violin; Masao Kawasaki, viola; Evelyn Elsing, cello
Concerto for Active Frogs:  The New Music Consort, with David Shea, baritone; George Cartwright, tenor sax; Jim Staley, trombone; William Trigg, percussion; Manhattan School of Music chorus; Anne LeBaron, conductor

Phantom Orchestra: The Anne LeBaron Quintet, Ear-Rational ECD 1035 (1991)

Bouquet of a Phantom Orchestra; Human Vapor; Superstrings and Curved Space; Bottom Wash; Top Hat on a Locomotive; Loaded Shark:  Frank London, trumpet, cornet, & small instruments; Marcus Rojas, tuba; Davey Williams, guitar; Gregg Bendian, drums, vibes, percussion; Anne LeBaron, harp with live electronics

Compilation CDs

Is Money Money on “To Have and to Hold,” Sequitur, Koch Records, KIC-CD-7736, (2007)

Los Murmullos on Rumor de Páramo, Ana Cervantes, Quindecim Recordings (2006)

Inner Voice on Collaborations, DVD, with Cristin Wildbolz (2006)

Concerto for Active Frogs on Raudelunas Pataphysical Revue, Alcohol Records (2003)

Selections from The E. & O. Line; extract from Sachamama; on CD insertion in The Force of Curiosity, a book published by the California Institute of the Arts and The Alpert Foundation (1999)

Southern Ephemera, on Newband, Music & Arts 931 (1996)
Stefani Starin, flute, alto fl; Theodore Mook, cello; Dominic Donata, surrogate kithara; Elizabeth Rodgers, harmonic canon

Dish, on Urban Diva, CRI 654 (1993)
Dora Ohrenstein, sop; Mary Rowell, vn; Phillip Bush, pn& keyboard; Bill Ruyle, perc; John Thompson, electric bass

Blue Harp Studies No. 1 & No.2, on Jewel Box, Tellus 26 (1992)
Anne LeBaron, harp (electronic composition)

Eurydice Meets Hermes, on Songposts Vol. 1, Word of Mouth 1004-1 (1991)
Louise Cloutier, and Hugh Panero, vocalists; Frank London trumpet; Marcus Rojas, tuba; Myra Melford, piano and keyboards; Fred Hopkins, bass; Thurman Barker, drums, Anne LeBaron, cond.

The Sea and the Honeycomb, Opus One 137 (1983)

Concerto for Active Frogs, Say Day-Bew 1 (1975)


unsettled on an old sense of place: Henceforth Records (2007)

King Ubu Orchestru, with the King Ubu Orchestra, Berlin Total Music Meeting: FMP (2005)

Mount Washington, with Wolfgang Fuchs, Martin Blume Phil Wachsmann,  and others: Reify Recordings (2004)

Strong Force, with Earl Howard, Gerry Hemingway, Anthony Davis, and Ernst  Reijseger: Mutable Music (2003)

Blackwater Bridge, with saxophonist Gary Hassay: Drimala Records (2002)

One Line Two Views, with Muhal Richard Abrams and others, New World Records 80469-2 (1995)

Anthony Braxton Ensemble, Black Saint (1994)

Chamber Works 1990-92, with George Graewe, Random Acoustics cd 003 (1994)

Uber Ursache und Wirkung der Meinungsverschied-enheiten beim Turmbau zu Babel, with Sven ake Johansson and Alexander von Schlippenbach, FMP 20/21 (1987)

Duos Europa, America, Japan, with Peter Kowald, FMP 1270 (1989)

Epiphany, with Derek Bailey's “Company,“ Incus 45/46 (1983)

Doggone Catact, A Little Left of Center, Euphorbia,  Opus One 58 (1983)

Jewels, with LaDonna Smith and Davey Williams, Trans Museq 3 (1979)



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